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Well, it's that time of year again. The period when you put away all your clothes in favor of running around naked. Or nearly anyway. Except in my case where I avoid going outside at all costs during the day and when I must, put on everything that I own so I won't get tan and then proceed to boil in my own skin. :) That reminds me, I should check my flowers. Yesterday and today have been almost uncomfortably warm and horribly sunny, and I've been having to wait all day to be able to open the windows and things. Now that it's dark out every damn window in the house is open along with the screen door. I'm not so comfortable with the screen door though since it doesn't have any sort of lock on it and I know sooner or later simon will figure out how to open it and escape. Another downside is I can hear everyone and everything going on outside that I wouldn't be able to normally. Ugh, and I wanted to watch tv too... No, wait, I didn't. I'm happy listening to my zune. Plus anything I'm watching on tv I can read when I look up since I don't understand japanese.

Yesterday I got a mouse and now I'm having to re-aquaint myself with it since I've gotten so used to using the pad on the front of my laptop. I'm also learning to use it left-handed since I prefer it that way. It's not an easy task, but it is more comfortable and will make things easier in the long run. During that outing, james was hoping to see chris, layton called christina and we made plans to go see her later. She lives up in puyallup. It was a lot of fun. We drank and I got to play with doggies. ^_^ Kyle sort of broke their tv so I told them that they could have mine, and I have to go up to the house tomorrow sometime so that I can find coraline and give that to her as well.