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Mmm... fingertips. :d

One of these days, hopefully soon, I'm going to get around to making and uploading the list of songs I like and think everyone should listen to. Being the ass I am though I keep putting it off. Lol.

My bank card is missing and it's driving me nuts because I need to buy 2 tickets for Death Note at the supermall but can't without my card. I don't know where the fuck it could be and have been scouring everywhere. *augh* FUCK! I've asked layton if he can do it for me in the morning, if I can't find it, and I'll transfer over the money to him through paypal. The tickets are for james and I. He's nuts about dn, and I can't say as I blame him. It's an awesome fucking anime and it's really sad that they have to take their sweet ass time releasing things at times like this. I'm secretly glad that he's taken up refusing to let me wait to see it and is making me watch it over t3h intarwebs. Don't tell him I said that though. :) Remember, secret. Anyway, james likes to tease me by calling me a female l, when he saw how I sit in front of computers and chew on my fingertips. It's just comfortable. I'm also in the habit of eating a lot of sweet things, my top desk drawer is usually half full, but that's due to the graves disease. *grumble* I'm just me. :)

Yesterday I tried to get out to the scholastic book place down the street. It didn't end up working out too well and I was fairly upset when I got back home because of it. Felt like everything was against me. I got to the corner, stood there for something like 10 minutes waiting for the light to turn before james called telling me the toilet broke and I said fuck it and headed back. When I got back, as soon as I walked in the door I punched a wall, then half-assedly tried to help him fix it knowing I wouldn't and would just be getting in the way because he's a boy and I'm not, scoured for my little box of horrors and then went in layton's room to fix my heart some more. It's a little sore from two days of 'work' and no healing. James really doesn't like it when I do that, even though it's theraputic for me. When I've asked him why, because as stated it's theraputic, he's told me it's because he thinks I'm going to kill myself. I laughed at it (no, I get it, it's a real big concern and I wasn't being insensitive) and told him if I was I'm doing it on the wrong place and would need to turn my arm over. I think that's just a really annoying misconception.

In other news I'm 'a demon in heat' and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it since I'm, um, ragging. *sigh* At least this will be short and sweet. If it's short enough I may end up doing... errr... yeah I shouldn't be thinking about that. WHY HAS MY NEW TOY NOT ARRIVED YET?!

Picture of the day:
Death Note: Sunday Morning
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