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Haw flakes are delishus. So is ramune, but I feel kinda guilty for drinking it. It is soda after all, and soda isn't so great for your body. The part that makes me feel guilty though is that I always feel the need to share it with other people. So while we were out yesterday I got a bottle for myself, a bottle for james and a bottle for layton, knowing full well that it was going against everything. I don't get to bend the rules, and am not above them. So why do I keep doing it then? It's not fair. Why do soda's have to be so yummy and fattening? Well, I guess not soda so much as sugar. And why is it so hard to eat healthy and eat meat at the same time?

In other news, I don't much care for nine inch nails, but I went out and downloaded the slip. Dunno why. Because I can probably. So far I'm indifferent to it. Though I can feel my lack of interest slipping quickly into annoyance. A whole two minutes into it, lol. I'm trying to ignore the discomfort though and try to get through it without breaking my computer. Uhhh... I don't like nin, does that make me a bad person? *sigh* I need to go wash my brain after this.

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Otaku Diet
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