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Apr. 25th, 2008

I am so tired. It's been such a long day for me. Ups and downs and I've just been everywhere. James made me extremely happy, and then layton made me terribly sad. I can't seem to get anything right as hard as I try, and then it takes days like this... and I... don't know. I just don't know.

I don't like to celebrate my birthday because it usually ends up going funny in some way or another. Whoever created the phrase happy birthday was an idiot. Everyone always says it's supposed to be a day of celebration but for me it always ends up a day of mourning. Today was no different. It ended up with me trying to explain to layton why I couldn't eat the pizza, and why I end up getting upset a lot when he demands meat with everything, and he started getting angry at me. In the end I went for a walk to try and keep myself from crying and when that didn't work I went home and upstairs to james' room where I could lay down and try to distract myself with tetris on my phone. Didn't work. Still cried bunches. James came up a little later and I cried on him while he tried to make me feel better. It helped.

My mom and brother 'kidnapped' me later, right after james left to go to work and took me out to get ice cream. Finley found riley and another friend after we got done and went to see a movie with them. He sorta conned mom into it since it was such a rush. She couldn't believe what she did after, but I don't think she cares much. When we got back to the car she gave me a couple gifts. Finley got me planet terror. :) And then there was a bag with a sponge thing, a bunch of candy and a herbal neck pillow. One of those ones that you heat up. Like she got me last year that finley almost tore in half. Then she told me I would get the rest of the stuff tomorrow. I'm supposed to go out with everyone then. Or something. I dunno.

James also got me the subscription to everquest II. That's completely unrelated though.

So my day has been really long and exhausting, especially the last part and right now I just want to sleep. Will probably end up doing that after I get done on here.

Picture of the day:
Everquest Elf
by ~almaacustica on deviantART