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Jumping from MMO to MMO

James has me playing eq2 now. He decided he wants to play that and thinks it would be better, my playing there than wow with him, so we can 'learn together'. Mmm, sure. He still has that world of warcraft experience (and a mouse and head start on everquest II) so I can't think that it would be much different from playing world of warcraft with him. Still going to be bossy or something. Anyway, I'm a noob either way so whatever. Wish I could get layton to be a noob with me but he's happy as a clam being fat in front of the tv. Hmmm... I should bother him to go out walking with me today since it's friday... AUGH! My patience is running really low and my add really high so I can't focus on anything much. Listening to alice in videoland isn't helping. And I'm not wearing pants! :) I want to go bounce (not literally) around the house but james is sleeping. I'm not sure what time he went to bed but he was still awake and playing eq II when I left for the doctor around 7. This is why I don't ever get to spend any time with him. *sigh* He's always sleeping when I'm awake and vice versa. Or playing video games. So the only way I get to see him is if I'm sleeping, haha. :|

I'm going to burn my brother some combichrist, assemblage 23, god module and other stuff like that. Get him away from the crap he listens to now. It's serious fucking crap. I'd be paranoid that my mom would get ahold of it though and flip out. It would be so like her.

Oh my god I think I'm going to explode. Pulse is going 50 miles a minute, I think I'm going numb in parts of me and I can't hold a thought for 2 fucking seconds. God damn it. AUGH! I love alice in videoland and think I want to get drunk but layton isn't going on break for another hour, so I can't call and harass him and won't be home for another two hours after that. And james is sleeping. Everyone here is so fucking boring. I'm bored out of my god damn mind. O.O Errr... focus...

Doctors appointment was cool. I guess. I got a shot in... HEY WAIT, maybe this is where it's coming from! I should dye my hair but I really want to wait until tomorrow. I had to stay still forever on the damn table and was so tired this morning that I must be going into overdrive now. Wheee. Hyperthyyyyyroidismmmmmmmm. I got a shot in my arm. Not somewhere else dirty. It was really fun watching the needle go in my arm and watching him squish stuff around. :) Have I mentioned that I'm the only normal fucking person in my family who isn't queasy around blood? Apparently my sister is so she's having to go desensitization training. They get it from my dad. And it's stupid every time my mom asks me if I ever get that way around blood. I CUT MYSELF FOR GODS SAKE, so I think the answer to that would be a big fat NO. Blood is fun and funny. Except when it's coming out of 'that place'. You know, the place where guy's don't like to go when that's happening or talk about because they're all fucking freaks. Seriously, you guys are freaky.

Yeah, I need to lay off the crack. Haven't even had any sort of caffeine or anything else that would give me this.

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