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Doctor early this morning.

I should be asleep right now. Have to be up at 6 or something. Doctor at 8. But I can't sleep. Tried to go at 9 but layton kept moving around and waking me up and I have a really huge headache. And I'm really depressed... been crying a lot. Don't think anyone has noticed though. Quiet, blank-faced crying. No one should.

James went shopping with layton yesterday instead of today. Holly was supposed to come over but canceled due to being sick, I think that's what he said anyway, so I asked layton if he wanted to do it today instead. I'm sure it was nice for them. Reminded layton to get nails, but I'm sure he forgot because they didn't come back with any. Whatever.

I'm too depressed to care. Nothing matters.

Picture of the day:
Invitation to insomnia
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