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Oh my god, I'm in fucking hell.

Son of a bitch. Damn them! Apparently I don't have an appointment on the 10th to get my thyroid checked. My mom made the appointment but the doctors didn't, or something. But, haha funny, I do have the appointment on the 11th to get my results. Fucking douchebag assholes. So NOW, instead of going on the 10th to tacoma I have to fucking wait until the 22nd to go to seattle. Great. Idiots. Oh, and the best part is because it's with radiology, I have no idea what the fuck sort of appointment they did make. I am not going in for a surgery consult again. Don't fucking need anything god damn cut up or cut off. I just want this shit with my hyperthyroidism checked the fuck out so I can know if I have graves disease or not. IS THAT REALLY SO GOD DAMN HARD?!


This is why I've come to hate doctors. *sigh* But whatever. On saturday night when layton and I went to see ministry I got my eyebrow ring pulled halfway through my head. :) I went into the bathroom and was contemplating how to pull it the rest of the way out without doing too much damage, and two older ladies, like in their mid to late 40's, who were talking, saw me and asked if I was ok. Had a paper towel up on my head so I guess they thought that I bumped it or something. I said "Yeah, except for..." and proceeded to point out what was wrong. They flipped out, I thought it was kinda funny, but one was a nurse and pulled it out for me. What amused me about the entire situation though is apparently they thought that pulling it out was going to be a painful situation for me. I tried to explain that it wasn't, that eyebrow piercings don't hurt, but they were too busy freaking to hear me I guess. :) When they got done they were going on, gushing really, about how I was so brave and helped me clean it up. They were really nice. Awesome really. Another girl asked me if I needed any ice and then offered to go get some from the bar for me. I told her sure and she came back with a crown bag full of it. Layton was happy to have that later. And that's what I get for going where I shouldn't be. No big deal really, I needed to take it out and let it heal over (again) so I can get it re-done right anyway. It's been messed up and not wanting to heal proper-like. Overall it was a fun night and I got to see ministry on their last tour. *tear* They didn't play any of their older stuff though and I heard more than one person say something about how they didn't recognise any of the stuff they were playing or how they wished that they would play some older stuff as well. Ministry has changed a lot since they first started out. It's almost weird.

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Apr. 1st, 2008 04:08 am (UTC)
Apparently nobody really knew about Tony Campos (from Static-X) was going to be on the bass. Told a few people on my way to the front area of the pit and they were surprised, but happy NTL, and thankx for the Crown bag :: )
Apr. 1st, 2008 06:53 am (UTC)
I just get to learn all sorts of interesting things from you. :)
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