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I'm drunk. Off jello-shots mostly. Everything spelling and capitalization-wise is going to suck right now since I'm on a laptop. The keys aren't raised like I'm used to so I'm probably going to miss or forget half of them, but that's cool. I want to play world of warcraft. That would be the shit. I don't think I've done that drunk yet. Mmmm.

Anyway, we're supposed to be getting the couches from james' dad tomorrow and then later at night we'll be going to see ministry.  Yeah!  Fucking ministry!  I know they probably won't, but I would hope that they would play halloween.  Layton is actually a bigger ministry fan than I am.  I never did care for political music.  It only works so far.  But whatever.  Fucking ministry.  I'm happy to see them regardless.

And I'm to drunk for a picture, but this made me cry:

I love cats so much, and this makes me give mine lots of hugs.



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Mar. 29th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, jello shots are great. Especially when you're using flavored vodkas. You can mix and match jello and vodka to your heart's content. :) It actually helps with the burn that alcohol has otherwise too. Great for people who aren't good with it. And as an added bonus they're fun as hell to play with.

It is really great what they did for that cat, though I don't think that they had to tear apart the entire house just to get at him. One or two holes and the cat should have come out on his own to find food and water. I dunno though, maybe he was stubborn and they need the house done yesterday, like my parents.
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