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Mar. 27th, 2008

Well, james has gone for sakura-con as of 5:45 or there abouts. I told him he has to tell me all about it when he gets back since I can't go. Know he won't, and anything I'll get out of him will be boring and meaningless because he doesn't know how to tell stories and doesn't care enough. It's funny because as much as I would love to go, I don't think I ever will, which kinda sucks I guess. But whatever. It doesn't matter.

I've not talked much most of the day. Didn't say anything for a few hours, from something like from 11 'til 2, until james needed a bag to pack his things into. I wasn't feeling well emotionally and when I do that I tend to clam up otherwise I know I'll get irritable and sound angry when I talk. No one else gets this though, that when I'm quite to not harass me about talking, because it will probably end up having severely negative consequences. Anyway, it did and I regretted it. What hurt me even more though was when james called me boring. Or rather, he said I was boring when I don't talk after I asked if he regretted making me. It's just so much easier not to talk. You can't come off as rude, condescending, angry, people can't misunderstand what you say and how you say it. So yeah...

I told layton that I'm taking over the tv as of friday, something I never get to use. Unless I get bored any-hoo. I'm going to try and learn to play smash. He can learn with me, I think I would like that if layton did, but highly doubt he will. So far I suck royally. This is harder for me than playing guilty gear. :\ Doing this for james, though I'm sure he'll never know. I always hear comments out of him, how I need to do this and that, but he never follows through. I suppose what I'm referring to right now is how he wants me to play with him, but when I'm there, and the two times I've told him I wanted to play with him, he never follows up or does anything about it. So why does he keep saying it? I dunno. But I have a feeling this will be a futile effort and that I have no real reason to. *sigh* I really hope he doesn't read this... not that I think he ever reads what I write anymore anyway. Actually, I don't think he has for a couple years now.

I don't ever really get to use the tv. Actually, I never have since moving. Well, maybe once. It's because layton is always using it, and never to do anything interesting. Just to watch fucking boring cable. Ever since the house got worked on and I started watching tv less and less. It's made me realize that tv is really fucking boring unless you have a game system hooked up. Or if you're drunk. With friends. But even then I'd still rather have a system. Get a co-op to keep people from feeling left out. Mmm, whatever. I have a computer and no games to play on it.

Yeah... the world of warcraft trial expired on the 24th. Goodie. I will miss it.

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