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Are you fucking serious?!

Ok, so it's not that I don't like christians... it's just that... well... I don't want them to talk. Ever. At least when it comes to religion or their beliefs. It makes me cry.

Guide: "And again, are you seeing any scientific evidince in here?"
Group: "Noooo."
Guide: "What are you seeing?"
Group: "Artwork!"
Guide: "Artwork, it's a great fairytale, but it's not good science."

But you know what I love best? When they're asked how many generations and the one guy goes "I hadn't thought that..." through?

I mean seriously! WTF?! How can you be so intentionally ignorant towards facts that are sitting right in front of your fucking stupid ass face? *sigh* Ignorance is bliss.

God, make the hurting stop. I think I'm going to be sick.