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I've been sleeping a lot today since I got back. When I found out I won't be able to go home for a few days I got really upset, went completely fucking nuts, cried a lot and locked myself in the bathroom where I went to sleep. Bathrooms have always been my sanctuary when I can't get a room to or for myself. It sounds weird I'm sure, but when you're in a bathroom no one bothers you unless they need to use it. Layton came over and sat outside the door. Mom brought me a blanket after a little while when he told her I was sleeping. Then she said I could move to the bigger bathroom to sleep, it has plushier carpets and a bathtub in there. I didn't move out of the small bathroom until 8, but that's probably where I'll sleep tonight, in the big bathroom. Possibly in the tub. Not really sure at this point. I've been really stressed and this is all very hard on me, if I have to stay in this house again tomorrow, if I can't go out somewhere else, then I'll probably end up drinking and other wonderful things.

Johnny Hollow's new cd finally came for me today though. I've been waiting what seems like forever. It's really nice and everything I hoped it would be. I'm not sure which song I like best. They're all so wonderful and it was completely worth all the years between records. I'm so happy they decided to make a second. Johnny Hollow, it's the kind of stuff I would hear in my dreams. So twisty, dark and pretty. They did a cover of People Are Strange by The Doors. O.O Omg, fucking love it. Like, I can't get over how incredible... Johnny Hollow is the shit and everyone should listen to them.

After the dentist, which is what got me stuck out of my room in the first place, mom took me to the store and x-box sold me some cereal. I bought it for the toy inside. I had to. It's like this crazy compulsion, whenever I see those cheap little handheld games with two buttons I have to buy them. They're so damn gay I can't help it. Anyway, x-box sold me some cereal and I got lucky and got the game I was hoping for. The ladybug one where you're destroying mutants. "Civilization is depending on you! Blast continuously evolving mutant enemies to survive 6 levels of ever increasing peril!" Stupid. But it's my thing so meh. I got cereal out of it. When I talked to layton I told him, if I didn't know the x-box so well I would probably take one look at those games and never want anything to do with the x-box line ever. I'd think it was wayyyy too retarded and wonder what the fuck they were doing and thinking. He thought it was funny.


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Mar. 17th, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
Hi! I haven't had the internet for quite a while, now I do. Trying to catch up and whatnot. I used to lock myself in the bathroom as well. I'd stay in there for hours. My mom used to slip papers under the door to get me to come out. I wouldn't come out until everyone went away so I didn't have to explain myself. I still do that sometimes. Not for hours though...
Mar. 19th, 2008 08:29 am (UTC)
Yeah, I haven't heard from you in like forever or something. OMG! It's a christina!

I've been finding out that a lot more people than I ever would have figured lock, or locked, themselves in the bathroom to get away from the world. So maybe it's not that unusual after all.
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