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Feb. 3rd, 2008

Natural anorexia isn't even a real term, I wish I knew what the correct one was. But fuckit, whatever. It's not unnatural, like I have hunger that I'm intentionally supressing or something, so that's why I call it that. Point being I have goodish news for myself, I've gained back another two pounds, so that makes 4 total since I realised I was in a bad place and I'm now up to 108. Yay me. ^_^ I've stopped feeling sick at the thought of foods and like my ribs are caving in and flattening out. You can't even know how bad that feels. No pity though, plxkthx. I have been feeling really thirsty though, and drinking a lot more water than I think I ever have before in my life. Maybe a doctor is in order? Eck, doctor. I need to get a blood test done anyway. :\ Outside... People. I'm so fucked up, it's really sad and probably pathetic. Still no pity, thx. I'm glad that not many people have to deal with having such a vast myriad of problems.

God, music sucks tonight. I'm not sure what I'm craving exactly, but I'm not getting any of it that sounds good. Maybe I have too much. Well, no, I do, though not as much as some people I've seen. When I find an artist I like I'm in the habit of getting everything I can find by them. It's ok I guess, means I'll never get bored I suppose but I decided that I'm only going to keep 3 or 4 albums worth of X-bands work on my zune at a time to make things easier on myself and take up less space. The only exception would be for sampler cd's and voltaire. That would take away at least a gig. I need that damn gig back.