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I think today was an overall good day. I think. Thinking... not my strongest point... anyway, yeah. Visited james again. Got my wristband thing back from him that I left there last time. He forgot about it, I had to remind him. We kinda were discussing rpg's and stuff. After I got done there I went to the library, met roz there and then we went up to safeway and the smoke shop. Got her a pack of cherry cloves and a couple bags of circus cookies. Haven't had those in such a long time. Soooo good... Stuffed myself with them and now I need some salt to help neutralize the sugar so I don't get sick. Can't really get any 'round here though. Some top ramen would be nice. Oh, and roz gave me the stuff she got/made today. The new Projekt cd; some black nail polish; an amy brown postcard with happy b-day wishes on the back; a change container made out of a mnm's tube and a bulletin board she made for me to put in my room. It's really cool. :) Looking at the change container her and her mom created made me laugh. It has a fake 100 on it and on the top where it should say in 'god we trust' it says 'in whatever we say is god you trust.' It has stuff like that all over. If I could find the picture of it I'd stick it in here. That would take a lot of searching though and I don't really have that kind of time. Sucks but whatever. Anyway, yeah, the amy brown postcard, she said it reminded her of my icon. Amy brown's art is cool. I like her stuff. Layton got me stuff too but he's refusing to give up till tomorrow. SEE JAMES, I WAS RIGHT! Kinda irksome but that's layton for ya. He likes to make me squirm and shriek. Hehe that sounds bad. Lol. I hate birthdays. The cake and stuff is nice, I'd just prefer not to have to hear about how I'm one year closer to dying. And just knowing that I've lived half my life already doesn't help any. *sigh* The only one I'm gonna enjoy is gonna be my 21st cuz I'll be drunk off my ass. Fuck, I need to find some food.


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Apr. 25th, 2004 04:38 pm (UTC)
100 dollars icon
my mom will help me figure out the webpage it was on, then you can post it here.
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