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No update in a few days. Been meaning to, but with the computer missing half the time and my being preoccupied with other things when it's not makes it kinda hard. Anyway, the whole supermall-southcenter ended up being a two day thing instead of one. James and I went to southcenter on wednesday and the supermall on thursday. It ended up that way because of layton. James and layton were going up to the office to get apartment applications and he just drove us up to southcenter after where james got to pick up his game and got a gamecube controller. Then we stopped by best buy where I got the two disk set of Karas. James wanted to look at laptops. I went to look at cameras. Found the canon 40d there and was playing around with it a little. Layton offered to buy it for me if I promised to take really good care of it. I didn't answer. It's not that I wouldn't, take care of it that is, so much as I don't want him to spend that much money on me. I would fucking love to have that camera, would probably have a heart attack if I did, but I can't justify him doing that in my mind. Also can't stop him if he does, which is why I didn't answer, so he wouldn't. James is really set on getting a laptop, and I can't blame him, but he's being hella indecisive about what exactly he wants. Ah well. Then we had dinner. Foods. Something I should really have more of. It actually ended up being kinda nice. We all went to red robin where I got some onion soup, which wasn't half bad (mine is 10 times better though). I wanted to get something to drink but neither layton nor james would let me. Because, you know, I'm not an adult and can't get stuff like that on my own. When I asked james why later he said it was because I hadn't eaten. When I asked layton he said "cuz booze ain't food," and because it would have made the bill that much higher. I paid for my shit so he can't complain about the bill. Just because he's so damn nice and james didn't have any cash on him. I dunno, whatever. I don't need to give off the impression that I need alcohol to survive anyway.

Thursday we went to the supermall to look at coats for james. Burlington coat factory had shit for them unless you're all gangsta or some shit, but he did find one after much walking and deliberation. Walked lots. Almost too much. Wanted to die at one point because james just can't sit still. No idea why... Found firefly though, got a rose quartz egg and some striped thigh-hi stockings to replace the one that got a run. Ooh, and I got to eat a soft pretzel too. Yeah, that was nice because I don't get those too often and love them. We stayed there for 4 and a half hours, I think, because james wanted layton to come pick us up. It was a good thing because I ended up losing my phone and never would have noticed had I not wanted to check the time to see when layton was supposed to be by. So I got to lose my phone, panic and threaten to hit james for telling me things were fine, when they were oh so clearly not. A little pet peeve of mine. I think after I said that though he got the message, though I don't ever like having to say I'll hit someone to get them to stop doing things. It bothers me lots.

Yesterday, or rather, very early this morning layton got into an accident with some mailboxes. His car is hella fucked up. It makes me mad because the whole reason it happened is because he absolutely cannot relinquish being in control of everything. He got distracted by his radio, which I was taking care of and forgot that he was driving. Well, needless to say, his car veered off the road, hit mailboxes, took two of them out, took out his light, blinker and mirror. Could have been worse. Could have been hella fucking worse. He could have hit an animal or person, or one of his passengers could have ended up getting injured somehow. Everything is fine though, except for his car and the mailboxes. And since it was 2:30 in the morning no one saw except layton, tess, matt and I. *sigh* Layton has issues. Manly-man issues.

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