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Don't worry about me

James has a good idea there. Right now I have half a mind to go out and buy a bottle (or box) of wine. If I got a bottle it would be bum shit though, so a box would probably be better. More for less anyway. Peh. There's no way I would want to haul it home this late at night, walking and all. Layton has my backpack. *sigh* Should probably get that back from him sometime.

I could really use a drunk right now. :(

Had to use a drunk yesterday when I had to see layton. It's funny though because it was only off two smirnoffs. Lack of food will do that when you only weigh 106 pounds I guess. *grimace* Spent the night down at james' and they had to do the apartment thing later in the day so I had no real choice in the seeing him. Ended up being very angry. Seem to be doing that a lot because I don't know how to react or what to do or say anymore. Guess we should probably talk about that on sunday. My evaluation day.

funny pictures

Oh yeah, that's another thing though. Apparently my clothing weighs a lot of pounds. I mean, I know the stuff is big, I do that intentionally to hide the weight problem (just because it's not fat doesn't make it any less of a problem), but I didn't realize how much it affected me when I'm on the scale. Adds anywhere from 3 to 6 pounds. :/ On wednesday I found out that I've lost 6. Thought it was only 2 until I checked after getting out of the shower. James made a comment about it on thursday, so I guess I am getting bad. Looked at myself in the mirror today and I went "geesh," *grimace*. I'm getting more and more dangerous by the day. Yay. Really can't help it though. 1, I can't tell I'm hungry half the time. 2, I can rarely get food when I am. And 3, god damn it, it feels fucking good. And I don't mean that in an anorexic way so don't take it as such. I wish I could feel nice like that while stuffed to the brim too. :d Wonder if drinking more soda would make me fatter? Not that it would help any since soda makes me feel dehydrated and thirsty.

But the apartment thing is going well. James decided he wanted to stay where he is now, and layton said he was fine with that. Or probably as fine as he will ever be. Talked to him over messenger. I'm a little apprehensive about it being an upstairs deal, but other than that part it seems like it would be nice. Upstairs isn't bad, I'm just paranoid about making too much noise and stuff.