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To give you a general idea...

...how bad I am, I decided a little whle ago I was going to play a game with myself. Every time I get demolished by i-no, I have to take a shot.

1. If the stuff I was drinking was more than 30 proof, I would either be dead, hospitalized, passed out or vomiting up air like there is no tomorrow.

2. Oh god, I'm so fucking drunk. Hahaha. Really don't know how many shots that was. I got confused and mixed up i-no with dizzy thus destroying myself in less than 15 seconds more than a few times.

If layton were here I probably would have some food in my stomach. He's always good like that. Reminding me to eat and keeping me from accidentally killing myself and what-not. Hehe. I don't think I've eaten since sautrday. Think that's bad... Why is it so impossibly hard to take care of myself? Hell, why don't I just get hunger pangs like everyone else in the world?

Wow, I'm hella drunk. Wonder how many shots that was. Had to be 10 at least.