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Empty inside, handle with care

I'm not on so great of terms with layton right now, again I suppose you could say, and it's really upsetting. Today I told him that he was released from all financial, emotional and physical obligations he feels he may have with me. So where this all goes from here is now up to him. Tired of all screaming and anger that comes from me and ignoring and anger that comes from him. Two rams butting heads, even over the tinest of things. No surprise there. But the huge difference between him and myself is that I try and work things out or compromise, he doesn't. Ever. Not without a massive struggle on my part or much complaining or begrudging on his. So I'm the one who's left holding the shit end of the stick. For example, when I've asked him to pick me up from work, and this has happened less than five times ever, he will get very upset and ask why my mom can't. Um, because she's not avaliable? One of the last times this happened he was too busy playing starcraft so I ended up calling my mom, who called my dad, who picked me up walking down the street. He wasn't done with his game for another half an hour. And there are times even dumber and more trivial than that. Asking if we could stop in musicwerks when we're walking by, i.e. on the way to the noc-noc. Nope, too busy walking, in too much of a rush. Same with asking him to pick me up tiny insignificant thing at the store he may be in at some point in his life. Too much work. Then there is the latest where he got pissed at me for asking his opinion on the body piercing stuff. Over caring about his god damn opinion... It's beyond rediculous. I'll ask him what's wrong with me, in the hopes that one day I may actually get an answer so I can fix it, but he always fires back with the same question. "What is your problem with me!?" This is where my frustrations begin. I have no fucking problem. Or at least I didn't used to. It leads me to think that he wants to end this but he either doesn't know how or is perhaps afraid of how things would be if he did. I don't know. Bet he goes around telling all his friends what a huge bitch I am and how badly he wants to be rid of me.

I am a failure at life. Just kill me now.