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I wish it would just fucking snow already.

There were two things I was hoping to be able to do yesterday. Today. Just this weekend period. First one was eat. I haven't eaten much notable stuff this week. Minimal at best. Yesterday when I found out I wouldn't be eating I grabbed a box of cheese-its and had about half the box. To give myself something. Ate the other half today. Cuz according to doctors and shit not eating makes you very sick. Haven't noticed personally. James got a little weird when I told him what I had eaten over the past few days. All I remember out of it is a bowl of soup. Small bowl. I'm not sure if it was serious-upset or joking-upset. Maybe a little of both. The second thing was I wanted to be able to take off my hat. Not going to happen. Not with the computer downstairs and not with mom up (awake). For a few days anyway. Until everything heals better. Anyway, both of these things were sort of dependant upon matt. Layton and I were supposed to go over to his house yesterday night. It seems he has gone missing and hasn't been heard from since. Made me taking my wii back from james slightly pointless. Slightly. Set up the internet on it and may play around a little with it tonight. See what odd things I can do. Annoy the crap out of cryshade with cats on youtube. Stuff like that.

On monday I can go and get my paycheck from charlene finally. I've been waiting forever. Since I knew I was supposed to be working on thursday. Thursday being canceled on me. Oops. :) Hatshatshats. Nowhere near healed. Kids will notice I'm sure. Haha. Oh well.

Finally have comcast. :d After much waiting and anticipation. So now I get to download bunches of musical stuff. Again. Heh. Really shouldn't be. I don't think I've heard even half the crap that's on my zune atm. But whatever. It's there for if I happen to decide one day that I want to. Yeah.

I want some Mandragora Scream. Good stuff.

Picture of the day:
Dead industry: S.I.A.P. VIII
by ~OrlokCB on deviantART