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Dec. 22nd, 2007

Whelp, no comcast today. Instead it's been delayed a week so that they can work on the house some more. Guess matthew needs to put in more wires 'n shit. But the visit from the comcast guy wasn't a complete fail because mom got to point out where she wanted the wires to go and he got to draw on the walls. Just that much longer that I'll be messing around on runescape. Finishing the many things I started so long ago. Should probably ask mom if the computer is going to be left down here for the week or if I can take it back upstairs to my room.

Runescape... it's only fun if you know people who play it or have friends on there. I could probably play any other mmo and be perfectly happy running around by myself. Runescape though... It's just so... old. Or that's how it feels anyway since I had been playing it within a year of it's first conception.

I'm hella cold and hungry. House is freezing and I'm not exactly sure why. Last night around midnight I started getting cravings for lunchables. Or not so much lunchables as cheese, crackers and lunch meat. I haven't had those in so long. Whenever I go to get crackers they're always weird and stale. I had that problem a few days ago when I went to eat ritz and peanut butter. I opened the crackers and it didn't matter how much peanut butter I put on it, it wouldn't get over the gross taste. It really makes me not want to eat anything at all.

Lizzies flight in was delayed. Apparently they flew in somewhere from I can't remember where and then the airplane turned around and flew back because it couldn't land. I lol'd. They could have gone to another nearby airport and had everyone but nope. They flew back to where it came from. I don't get airlines at all.

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