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The crypt keeper?

Well, the bird died I guess. Took a rather long time going about it. I would have thought it would've died in the night but 'parently it didn't want to. Wanted to wait until sometime after midday. I was kinda starting to get attached to it too. :,\ I guess it's a good thing that it did though. Don't know what would have been done with it if it had indeed survived all it's wounds and injuries. My brother has to go bury it. Mom is trying to get me to do it. Told her I'd supervise but I wouldn't actually do the whole burying thing. I do that enough. Finley called me a crypt keeper when I said that. Kinda got mad at him for that. I'm no fucking crypt keeper. If I'm anything it's a goddamn undertaker or something akin to that. Whatever. I'm just gonna go be depressed now. Have to finish mowing the lawn first though... Blech. Oh and I suggested mom get me a GBA and she said that might be a good idea because that's about how much she spent on liz and I'm a hard person to buy for. Don't know where she got that from. I think I'm relatively easy to buy for. A leather and lace type person. I'm sure that makes no sense. Whatever. That's her thing.