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Normally, around this time, I would currently be asleep on the sofa, waking only to eat some toast and soup. I'm not though so I've instead asked my mom to make me an appointment to go and see a doctor. To get some anti-bodies. I'm sick of this damn cold hanging on and I think the rain yesterday has made it worse. Wasn't too terribly brilliant to do, but it made me feel better so I really couldn't care less about that part.

I'm just sick of being sick. It made me miss two, almost three days of work. That's 140 dollars that I'm not getting. Oh well. Doesn't matter. By the end of the week I hated all the kids anyway.

My feet are burning, I have them too close to my heater, everything hurts and I really should be in bed. Tomorrow is going to be full and annoying. I won't be able to get much sleep probably. There will be 4 people here instead of the regular 2. Four people banging around disturbing me, disturbing my sleep, disturbing my recovery.

I'm just so tired. :'(

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