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This is why I can’t have nice things

My zune broke today. It broke in the only way microsoft won't repair period. In a way that makes it still fully functional while at the same time making it completely useless. The lcd screen cracked right between the button and the screen. Fuckin' squished. I don't know who did it, james is blaming himself but for all I know it could have been me as well, and at this point I really don't give a shit. I actually haven't given much of one for awhile now.

I expected the lady to tell me that the cracked screen wasn't covered by my warrantee, no screens by any product are as far as I know. Nintendo, sony, microsoft, apple, samsung, nokia, whatever. If the screen is cracked it has to be by your doing and you have to pay for it. What I didn't expect was to be, essentially, told to me that I would have to flat out buy a new one. Microsoft there does something that no one else does. They don't outsource or just have you pay for the repair yourself. Actually, I was reading some forums online and they will I suppose, but it costs you just as much as buying a new one. Total bullshit. So I was pretty fucking devastated to hear that. I love my zune. Really, really. And if I'm willing to pay for it's repair that's fine give me the option to do so, but don't make it more than 50 dollars because 100 is retarded and 200 is just fucking ridiculous. You want me to keep buying your shit? Give me a reason to. Make me happy to have it.

Anyway, I haven't given a shit since threatening to punch layton in the face and break his nose if he didn't 'get the fuck away from me' as I so nicely put it, in front of barnes and noble. I wanted to be by myself and whenever he noticed I wasn't following as close as he liked he would stop and wait on me. When we reached barnes and noble/gamestop I stopped and so did he. He turned around, walked back where I asked him what he was doing. According to him he wasn't going to leave me alone outside so I walked away to the other side of b&n. To where starbucks is. He, once again, followed. It was at that point I got frustrated at him for not getting the message and told him such. You know, essentially. He got a little uppity about it but he left me alone and went into gamestop where james was. Needed time to myself and space to breath. Thankfully I got it. Sat for a little while in the chairs and watched the rain. That tired me though so after a bit I stripped off my coat, hat and bag, tossed them all in the chair where I was sitting and went to stand face up in it. Cold. Very, very cold. But it was refreshing and I'm sure everyone who saw me probably saw my insanity, but that's ok. It made me feel better about the world. I was out there for 15 minutes or so before I felt well and fixed enough to go into gamestop where layton and james were, and well enough to finally get a hug from layton.

Don't think I've ever gone out and really stood in the rain before. Always thinking about how cold or wet it is. How I'll probably get sick from it later. Maybe even die. How there are better things I could be doing. (are there really?) All that stuff that gets drilled into your head as a kid. Stupid stuff that's probably a load of crap. Rain=misery. And you know what? When I was outside that's all I saw and heard. Misery. From most everyone's mouth came something about how the rain was terrible and cold and wet and how they wished it would just go away. So I wonder how many of those people actually realize how badly we need it. Rain to wash away and make new. If it weren't for rain we wouldn't have clouds, the world would be covered in pollution and muck, trees and other plants would be that much more scarce, dust and your allergies would act up more, it would be hot and disgusting during the day and frozen and cold at night. The world would just be that much crappier of a place overall. You, people of the world, would be twice as miserable without the rain as you are with it now. I wish you could understand that. Look beyond that scope you have and see the world as it could be. Take into account all possibilities and if you don't like what is the now, do what is in your power to change it for the better.

2% of life is what happens, the other 98% is our attitude and how we react.

I'm now working on building up the library in a new zune. One layton bought despite my asking him repeatedly not to. Same as my old one only without the crack. I took the initiative to take the 5 or 6 gigs of music I had stored on the computer off it and put onto my hard drive. This may take awhile... I'm not sure my computer can handle that much information all at once.