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Just kill me now.

Done with my 'shopping.' Last package came in the mail today. That was nice. One week until giftmas and I couldn't care less.

Working today wasn't so bad. No baby. I woke up with a missing voice so mom almost went in for me. I wouldn't let her though. If she had I would have been very upset because there are better things to do than stay home. She said she had a bunch of shit to do today anyway. Shit that ended up taking all day. Computer stuff. I'm so fucking thrilled that tomorrow is going to be my last day working. Then I'll be in on the 27th and then not again until january. ^_^

You know, I like toe socks. They're really nice. My mom got me a pair for giftmas a couple years ago, I don't use them much though because I like them so much and I don't want them to wear out like my first pair did. I've had a total of two pairs in my life. She, mom, doesn't know how I can stand them. I dunno either. :) They're just neet and I think they feel nice.

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Misery Machine 2006
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