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Ho-ly crap.

Oh my god. I got so fucking inebriated last night. Really had no idea how much I was drinking, and thought that I drank a lot less, only to find out that my drinks were doubles. Two vodka-cran doubles, which is the equivalent of 4 regular drinks, and a buttery nipple. I don't know why layton does that. Guess he hasn't noticed that - not only am I a girl - but I'm fucking hella skinny as well. :) Can't drink like he does, as nice as that would be. Doing stuff like that could possibly give me alcohol poisoning and then I would *gasp* die. Tragic. Anyway, I tottered around for a bit, lots of people asked me if I was ok and I got escorted to the bathroom once (I really have no idea how that came about), and eventually I ended up outside in the cold rain puking up pink. Someone guy who works at the mercury came out and checked up on me a couple times. No idea who it was but he brought me out water once. Fun fact - I remember just about everything but when I drink enough I'll stop looking at peoples faces. So if you meet me for a first time and I'm hella intoxicated you're going to have to re-introduce yourself next time when I'm sober. When layton got me back to his car and I was sitting in the back seat I almost threw up again. He ran back around from the drivers side though while I was gagging and opened the door for me so I could tumble half out and puke on the pavement.

The right side of my head hurts. Like I smacked it against something. Owch.

But I had lots of fun. ^_^' My day was going fairly badly, with work stressing me out and making me want to scream, thinking I had lost my phone because one of the zippers was open on my bag but got better with the phone finding, layton bought me a few books and then the guy at the bookstore (twice sold tales), gave us a box with a stuffed-stuff in it for free. Free stuff is always cool, and you usually can't go wrong. :P

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