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Still sleepy though

Kk, so I really shouldn't be up right now but I took a nap earlier on accident. Had cold feet and ended up in bed. Anyway, took a nap and it's totally thrown everything off. Also ended up eating a bunch of sugar cubes. x.x

Leaves' Eyes is the shit. And layton wants me to go to seattle, since we haven't been to the mercury in a bit, where he would feed me vodka-crans all night. Over a month. Been at matt's instead. I said maybe if I'm not too tired after work. He asked me a couple days ago after getting mad at me for asking him questions about getting my eyebrow done again. I need to know that he can do it right. This isn't going to be a professional job so I got a kit that comes with a picture book. Could have gotten one with a dvd too, but I want to spend as little as possible on this. Also got some clear bars. For work to keep it mostly unnoticed after I get it. I'm paying for everything, but he yelled at me anyway. Guess I just ask too many questions. Before leaving he said "we've been fighting a lot about stupid stuff." I told him that we hadn't been fighting, he's just been getting mad at me over stupid stuff and I've been getting depressed in turn. Asked him if he just wants to end it. Didn't really get an answer. Not one that says anything anyway. "Do you want to?" A question to my question. I don't like those, it's a cop-out and makes me feel like, the answer is what I don't want it to be. It makes me wonder if, and when, everything will end. I'm still trying to work with him but I really don't know...

Maybe musicwerks will be open and we can go there too. Highly doubtful but I can hope.

Oh, and this made me lmao.
funny pictures
Like seriously, I thought I was going to die from laughing so hard. Everything hurts now.