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Dec. 10th, 2007

Today I got two puzzles, 1 500 and 1 750 piece, and a pair of boots from the goodwill. The 500 piece one is a cat sleeping in a hammock and is going to be the harder of the two since it's completely black and white. It's also the first one I'm working on. The 750 is a panoramic view of seattle. It looks pretty neat. :) Layton also took me to top foods to get some more airborne, tablets and gummies (never had those before) and some disposable razors. I seem to be getting sick. Can't breath right. Everyone is getting sick now that all the kids are over it.

Oh, and DeFord, charlene's husband, had a heart attack this morning. He had thought that he had just fainted but went to the doctor later and found out it was a lot worse. He had a defibrillator installed in his chest 6 years ago though and it ended up working, which is a good thing. His heart didn't start back up until the 4th hit or something. That's what she told me anyway. And you didn't hear this from me because she's not really telling anyone about it. ANYWAY, this heart attack thing is making me work a day in janvier on the seventh. So that she can go with him to his appointment then. It really surprised me to hear that she'll still be working then. Hmmm...

I'm going to re-pierce my eyebrow again soon. Sometime towards the end of the month if I get everything figured out and ordered. Need to get some clear bars for when I work. Work. It ain't so bad. I wish I could have a kid of my own... I wish carson were my kid so I could smack him upside his head for being so stupid.

Need to go to bed now. Work at 7:30 all the rest of the week and I really should be in bed by 9 or 10 if I want any sleep at all. Also need to locate that red bull. I'm sure I'll need it tomorrow.

Too damn tired to deal with anyone.

Picture of the day: Fly without sorrow