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Dec. 1st, 2007

Yeah, so I'm over at matt's right now. Downloading music. It's fucking freezing. COLD! OMG!

I hope james is ok. This is his first night working by himself. :x I still think he should have been given two weeks of training. Or at least as long as he got and then the rest of the week supervised. But then me and thinking doesn't mix well.

Layton and I got into a fight earlier, james had to hear it. Layton grabbed my leg exactly like he's not supposed to, he knew because I was screaming at him to stop (it was a slow and deliberate motion), and because the last time he did that I got my head slammed into a sidewalk. He says it's his way of playing and I told him I should call the cops for domestic abuse on his ass. This time I got slammed into a door and my back was torn up, I would be surprised if it doesn't bruise, by a doorknob. It hurts like all shit, even now hours after it's done. So I screamed at him a lot after. And what made it feel worse was, for awhile, he was blaming the entire thing on me. Indirectly of course, but he still blamed. Anyway, james got to hear me screaming at layton to stay the fuck away from me, and when I finally decided I was willing to talk to him he heard me scream about what an asshole layton was and how he knows not to pull that shit. Layton knows I'm fragile, he knows he can't treat me as rough as he does. Just doesn't seem to get through his thick skull though. One of these days I'm going to end up with a broken arm or something and then he's really going to have to sit up and take notice.