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The cake is a lie.

Well... I did end up doing it. Picked up runescape again. I'll probably be at this for a month, dick around, do a few quests, and around the end of december I will cancel my membership having gotten bored and annoyed with it, and it will be another 6 or 7 months before I go see what's new in their world again. Yeah.

Thinking about buying a violin too. I love violins but I know I will have as much dedication to it as I have any other instrument in my life, which is nil. Recorder, flute, drums and guitar. None have stuck. So why do I want to waste 40 dollars on a violin? Maybe I feel like this time it will be different. I want it to be different though it always ends up the same.

I saw today that charlene has a molten fire amaranth on her kitchen table. I don't know why I never noticed it before. :)

James has been talking about quitting his new job. I really don't want him to seeing as he's only been there a little over a week. I'd like to tell him to just stick it out a little bit longer, give it a little more of a chance and let himself get a litte more embedded into the routine before he makes a full and final decision, but I'm afraid that if I say that, and it causes him to stay, that he will end up resenting me for it. So I've just been keeping my mouth shut for the most part and telling him to do what makes him happy. I know how much more he loved working at gamestop and he did so well. I don't see him turning into a prick with this new job, he thinks he is, I just see him as being exhausted and not knowing where to turn. He actually seems a lot like layton does, with less of an idea on how to handle it. It's got me chewing my nails down horribly.

Layton took me out monday to see beowulf. It was neat and I often forgot that it was a cgi film.

Today I took my wii, a lie-cake (because apparently the cake is a lie), and my touch lamp down to james'. His lamp is broken and mine was collecting dust. Literally. most of the stuff in my room is almost white covered in all this crap. That's why I took my wii down there for him to keep for me. I don't want a bunch of shit getting inside it and fucking it up. I'm going to miss it though. Had gotten almost to the ending of super paper mario. The lie-cake was a joke. It's a little four piece wooden puzzle with the word cake on each of the four pieces and a picture of a brown cake on it. It made him smile and he called me silly, so I got what I wanted out of it. I'll take him down an actual cake later when I can get out to buy one since I just got paid today. Anyone else want one?

Yeah! Paid money! 434 fucking dollars and I don't have to work any more for the rest of this month. ^_^ Thats about as big as my first check, which should have been twice that had they not been asshats and certified me as a non-child molester a month and a half earlier.

Picture of the day: Avalanche