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What an unhappy way to end the day.

And I really need someone to blame and take my anger out on. But the only ones I can, I can't. Have to bottle everything up inside, so I'm stuck and feeling horrible and absent-mindedly choking myself a lot more than I really should be. Falling apart at the seams.

Been looking up getting some amaranthus. My grandparents used to have them, they had the molten fire if I remember correctly, and I always thought they were weird as all shit. I'd like to try and have some flowers again. And don't talk to me about the seasons. The love-lies-bleeding looks good. Elephant heads and pigmy torches do too. But as pretty as they are the globe ones might be better for me. Easier to dry. I like having dried flowers around. Haven't had any in a long time. Not since layton tapered off and stopped getting me flowers anyway. *plz2note - not complaining, just saying.*

Picture of the day: Sunset Fire

And layton, this is for you. What you requested.