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Well this is nice. I don't know how to look nice anymore. Like a girl. I know plenty to know how to look like a bitch and a boy, but I don't know how to look like a girl. Especially now that it's getting closer to winter. The tired and frozen seasons. All my girly sense went out the window. I suppose music helped that too. Too much boy metal and not enough girl. One of the reasons I prefer to listen to the fairer sex. Currently trying to download a small epica file from here. See if they're any good and worth getting. It's 3 songs in one download. I know I shouldn't be right now, it's going to take too long and I don't have enough time. There are a few things there that I'd like to download, a better choice for the moment would be helloween. I'd like to find some within temptation too. Hm...

Asked layton to stop into musicwerks for me if it was open, see if they had alice in videoland, but eryc always likes to close up shop during the times that I'm there, so that makes it really difficult. Anyway, he did what he always does and so layton told me to send him a few cd's, inexpensive, in an email and he would look at getting it/them/some. I'm really glad that I'm getting paid soon. One of my last paychecks.

Picked up runescape again. I've been too upset and need something to do. Thinking about a membership again. Also started up on super paper mario again. I was stuck for a bit and so I wasn't really playing it. I managed to stumble across the answer to it though so I'm now that much closer to being done. On the last door. :)

My kitty is sitting next to me. A very rare thing and it makes me happy to have him here. He needs to visit the vet though. Has problems. Keep telling mom but I don't think she really hears me, or understands.

I wish I could make james feel better about work. It's really hard though and so far I fail. Miserably. *sigh* Can't get others to feel better if you're doing terribly yourself.

I'm not eating well. Was hoping that layton would actually bring me over some food today like he promised. Really wanted that turkey sandwich. :\

Picture of the day: Mudkip Ouendan