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No love.

Walking barefoot across the burning cold cement. Amazing that I'm doing that seeing as how I hate it so much. But then my alchohol is outside in the freezer, so that makes it a little less amazing. I wonder how much longer my parents will be gone for. Drinking, drinking, but not drunk. Should probably bring everything in around 5 or so. My mom came up around 1:30 to tell me to come with her. I said no and then proceeded to ignore her because I'm tired of telling her how much I hate this shit. And I'm tired of telling her that I can't interact socially. And I hate fusses. And I hate my life.

My room is cold. It can't get above 60. Too many holes that I can't cover so I freeze.

James called and I started crying on the phone. Hope he didn't notice. Tried to stay quiet and he didn't say anything so I can only hope.

Thanksgiving. Turkey. Carving... God forgive me for anything I may do or try today. I just can't stand it here by myself. Just as much as I can't stand it here with people. But I would rather be alone than with them.

drinking angel