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Feeling a little bit better I guess, but I also still feel very lost and small inside. Like a dried up and dead leaf. Crispy brown and all sorts of broken from being walked on.

James lost my ring sometime last night. I didn't realize he still had it until earlier in the day, a little after I got off the phone with him I think. Can't afford to buy a new one, but not doing so is not an option. That one was my favorite. I've lost so many things at the noc noc it's not even funny. Last time I was there darryl broke and lost my gear bracelet.

"James": ima still be looking for your ring
"carrie": k
"carrie": you probably won't find it though
"James": O_O
"carrie": I'm just being optimistic
"James": uhm... no you aren't
"carrie": sure I am
"carrie": I'm positive you won't find it and that I need to just buy a new one next time I get paid
"James": lol
"James": weird optimism

Layton took me up to gamestop today. They didn't have either of the games I was looking for. Luigi's mansion or wind waker. That made me sad because I really want to be able to play the zelda one. Ended up getting something in french. Personally I would prefer to learn alternate versions of english, but I don't have that choice. It was either that or spanish, and I don't like spanish very much. Won't help me when I go visit canada.

I have to work early tomorrow. All day if I remember correctly.

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