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So fucking selfish

God, I'm so depressed right now I don't even want to type. I know I'm not gonna see anyone online tonight. It's already past 11 so layton's probably gone to bed. Wouldn't blame him, he was feeling like shit anyway. Puking his guts out outside our bunkhouse. It kinda pissed me off when he started refusing to let me have the god damned vodka just because he was fucked up. He drank most of it, and me, I'd be surprised if I got even a third of what he had. Just enough to get me to enjoy the rain. Anyway, once he started feeling the effects of it he refused to give me the bottle so I could have more even though he absolutly hated it. I don't get why he would want to keep the fucking thing if he didn't like it. Was bitching about how it "tasted like cysco." That taste was the burn in the back of his throat. I don't know. Whatever. I'm just depressed right now. Computer isn't working right so I'm having to use my own to do all this shit. I'm really sorry for getting mad at layton and not paying as much attention to him as I should have. And I hope he doesn't have alchohol poisoning either. I'm so sorry babe. God am I sorry. I need to go off and cry myself to sleep now. :'(