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In the broke-box again.

I don't like being broke. I don't like the fact that my paycheck, that I get once a month, is in the habit of emptying out in less than a week. This time it's thanks to my mom who didn't take the money I owed her out of my last check or even the one before that, like she should have. Instead she took it out of one of the smallest checks I've had to date. So, once again, after little more than a week, I am at 30 dollars. Once again, I can't put anything away into my savings. *sigh* Wonder how long this will be going on for, the not being able to put any money away. I envy people who have regular jobs that pay well. Not that mine doesn't. It's just not regular, don't get enough hours for it to matter. Usually ends up being 20 dollars a week or something IF I'm lucky, and over 4 or 5 weeks... Well, when I get paid, seeing as how things usually cost about 20 dollars minimum, the money goes fast.

Still can't finish Paniponi dash. Final dvd came out last month and I still can't finish it. Broke-box.

Winona Ryder Joins 'Star Trek'

Uh, really? Well that's cool I guess.

Picture of the day: The Setting Sun