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Nov. 6th, 2007

Ok, one. Atreyu is fucking stupid. It was ok for all of 30 seconds and then I had to start skipping through songs to keep from getting too annoyed. About 8 or 9 songs later I said fuck it and took it out. Never again, but I had to hear it once just to make sure I would hate it for sure. Cuz you never know. Layton said it looked like it would sound emo. Well, he was almost right. Two. Lacuna Coil is neat. :) I don't know why I didn't get any of their cd's before. Even now technically I don't. The library had two and I put them both on hold so I could copy them. One came in today, Karmacode. So now I ought to go out and actually buy some evenutally. Can't get anything too terribly expensive though. :\ Three. Absinthe today. I'm going to sit down, look at my bank account, see how much I have and then order a bottle. Yeah! Forget it. Nowhere I can ship it to. I'm just not going to do this anymore.

And that's essentially it.

I've been really fucking upset today. I never realized before now how being able to take showers or bath's affect me and my mood. Without them I deteriorate into one big messy mass of upsetness. Even with the shower how it used to be I would still end up getting really depressed after since it felt like it was so hard to get cleaned in the first place, but it was still better than the nothing I have now. Anyway, I guess it has some sort of weird significance if it upsets me so much. Don't like having to get permission to clean myself. Wish I were like the cats...

Picture of the day: Rise and Fall of an Empire