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I don't know if the other place I used to go to is still around.

Keeping my ears open since I can't follow the two brats around everywhere. Too exhausting, but they're both so adorable. I put my collar on james' cat so I can at least hear where he is. He and cryshade are chasing each other around right now. Seems to be going well, after the second introduction I let cryshade initiate contact and stuff. I was scared to death that cryshade would do something bad. It's worked out well enough it seems. I still get up and check every-so-oft though. No fucking clue how I'm going to sleep tonight. With one eye open probably. Either that or I'll have to put cryshade downstairs. The first night is always the hardest on me. It was that way with ichiro when he came to stay with us a couple christmas' ago. Cryshade was none too happy at first, and ichiro was freaked out to all hell and back again so I was paranoid that they were going to pick a fight and not get along. They did though, and that was nice.

I'm going to have to block off my door for the night and tomorrow, and hope that they don't feel the need to work in my room any. For a couple more days. Mom thinks the gate might be in the back of the storage thing outside. No good.

Picture of the day: for the heart I once had