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A - AVAILABLE? Ask layton or james, but no, not really.
B - BEST SPORT?: None of the above.
C - CRUSH?: Uh huh.
D - DOGS NAME?: Todd - or idiot depending on who you ask.
E - EASIEST PERSON(s) TO TALK TO? Layton and james.
F - FAV. COLOR(S)?: Black, red, anything jewel toned really.
G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS?: Both are good but bears last longer I think,
H - HOMETOWN?: Probably sucks.
I - INSTRUMENT?: I own a guitar but don't know shit. Would rather have drums.
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE?: Going to utah. 3 days with minimal stopping.
M - MILK FLAVOR?: Uh, milk.
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS?: Too many. 8.
O - ONE WISH: No more fear or sadness.
P - PHOBIA/FEARS?: Water, ants, spiders.
Q - FAVORITE QUOTE?: I do not regret what I have done, but what I did not do.
R - REASON TO SMILE? You look cute.
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: Mad world while watching donnie darko directors cut which sucks btw. The cut version, not the song. I love the song.
T- TIME YOU WOKE UP TODAY?: Ugh, james had me up at 6 in the morning, but I really don't mind. Much.
U - UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT ME? Like I'll tell you.
V - VEGETABLE YOU DONT LIKE?: Peas are disgusting.
W - WORST HABIT?: Nail biting.
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD?: Dunno.
Y - YUMMY FOOD?: I'd like oranges plx.

Ended up doing another one of those rash and impulsive things that may or may end up not being so great and that I am so famous for again. Last time it was the tattoo... Heh. Freaking brilliant. You know what else is freaking brilliant? When the adware on my computer blocks it's own ads. But that is a totally different subject altogether.

So, today james woke me up at 6 in the morning so I could go down to the DOL with him. He needed to get his id renewed and I knew where the place, both places actually, were. So he woke me up at 6, I wasn't down there until almost 7:30, and we caught the bus 5-10 minutes down there to it where we were first in line and got it over with in about a half an hour of opening. That was pretty nice. After that we went to get him a checking account and pick up the paperwork for his new job. After that we walked over to jack-in-the-box where he told me he probably won't be quitting his job at gamestop. He won't be working any hours there, just filling up a space in the books. So that might be nice. He'll still get a discount but he will be able to work at the casino and get better money and hours.

We went back to his apartment after that and I slept for a little bit before layton came over and I dragged james' ass out again. He didn't want to go out. Too tired and all, but I made him go anyway. *cough* Ok, so everyone knows how I've been wanting to get james a cat right? Right. Rash stupid coming up. I made layton take us, james and I, to the most depressing place in the world. The animal shelter. Millions and billions of freaking cats. More of them were under a year old than over which I am sooo not used to seeing since I know the babies get snapped up like they're nothin', but then I also don't visit the shelter much either (ok, I NEVER visit there, it's been years) so... yeah. I took him to the saddest place in the world and he found a teenage kitty, it's a black and white that is 5 months old, he wanted and that loves him to pieces. It was either that one or an orange tabby.

Ok, I'm going to try and get to the point here. James got kitty, it cost 25 dollars, we took it home the same day, he was supposed to stay with me, cryshade wasn't thrilled, james was super attached, I ended up letting him take kitty home, james' dad was even less thrilled than cryshade. And he just called and confirmed what I had suspected, so james' new baby may end up being a day off/weekend visitor type thing. I'll take him down on james days off and pick him up when he's working. For a little while anyway. And I figure this would be good encouragement for moving out incentive. :\ Not why I wanted to get james the cat. I wanted him to have one because I know he loves cats, that he misses cleo and because cats are good therapy for when you're sad. First hand knowledge eH. Whenever I get upset and have no one to talk to I know that cryshade will always be there for me. Nonjudgmental and more than willing to listen to my problems and let me cry. I think that cats, or dogs if you're a dog person, are good things to have around for stuff like that. Always. If layton weren't around all day every day, and if his fucking mom weren't allergic I would probably get him a pet too. He's more of a lizard/snake person though than dog or cat.

So tomorrow I have to talk to james, and layton when he's sober since he's out at the noc-noc tonight, about picking up james cat sometime. Before layton goes to the show as I don't want to ask my mom for many more favors right now. :d I've asked her for a lot this week. Pefh. I have to take care of kitty while he's here. Ima have to work my ass off to keep myself in mom and dads good graces.

Picture of the day: Hope Leaves