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Few hours later...

Uh huh. So I was right in my original assumption that I would have to give it another try. I was just moody at the time I was listening to it, giving myself motion sickness by trying to do too much on the computer, and it's really not as bad a collection as I originally deemed it. There are a few songs I would have left out, but then I wasn't the one who made it, and it's just a couple. This led me to the discovery that I can change individual song genres, which led to discovering that I'm a helluva lot more into metal stuff than I originally thought as I was doing that. :) I guess it's not so much of a surprise. My taste in guys has drastically changed since back in the day. Used to like the toothpick looking dudes, you know the ones who look like they're on drugs (and probably are), and now I find I'm more turned on by guys with a bit of meat on them. Big guys. Not fat though, cuz fat is just disgusting. Around 200 is good by me. :P The ones that you can look at and go, "yeah, he's probably into metal." Just ones that have 'that look.' Yeah... Those guys are pretty yummy. But point! The music is yummy too.

Dork. ^_^