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Happy Halloween everyone! Plx be safe.

I got to visit james today, and I still feel weird around him since what happened friday. I don't mean to upset anyone like that, but you know, shit happens more often than not especially where I'm involved. After that I took him with layton and I to go look at kitties up at reber ranch. He found one he liked I think but it had already been adopted out. He didn't really see much else he liked, but asking him now he said he wants a more vocal cat... Yeah. Anyway, he didn't find a cat he cared for, but they had a beautiful long haired white manx that I just wanted to squish and drag home with me. Was looking at him a little from the corner of my eye, thinking about how he looked like our first cat and how much I missed him, and then I went over to look at his charts and saw manx. Squee moment. He is an older cat, 7, but manx's can easily live into their 20's so he's still got quite a bit of time left. I love manxie kitties.

After that we ended up down at hot topic because layton forgot to pick up my cd, DJ ferret's Underground Club Mix #3, that came out today. It ended up being a good thing because, while I've come to be pretty weirded out by hot topic, layton and james were able to get the dethalbum by dethklok and I found a bag that I just had to have. It's ruby gloom. I adore ruby gloom and didn't think that they were making things like that anymore so you can understand my excitment. Dj ferret's stuff ended up not being as great as I had hoped and has mostly made me wtf in sadness. Too much pop. It has a few good songs though, and I'm sure I'll learn to love it. Or at least like. I think so far my favorite is Beautiful Tragedy. The whole reason I get these damn albums is so I can find new music. If it weren't for those, since I don't have internet that's worth a crap, then I would probably be stuck with the same boring stuff I've listened to since I was in high school. Yech. :)

Picture of the day: Maroon Garden