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Oct. 21st, 2007

I have been looking up a lot of absinthe over the past couple days with the intention of buying a bottle or two with my next paycheck. I have so far decided on getting a bottle of gigers absinthe brevans with layton in mind, but not on much else for myself. Would probably end up giving it to him for christmas. *shhh* Would like to keep anything I buy as natural looking as possible atm, this means minimal to nil atomic green colors. No blues or yellows either. Red and black I would be ok with, but as I stated, I would like to keep the coloring as natural as possible for the time being. I also came across mansinthe, made by the same people. It's sponsored by none other than... marilyn manson. Ew. Now, while a few years ago, less than two probably, that might have been cool by me, hell I might have even eagerly tried it, but now I have come to find that the idea of it, or rather of him, makes me rather queasy. Funny. *sigh* I suppose this means I've come full circle then and have fully gotten over allen. Layton and I were discussing it a little. The name sounds kinda gay, like man-juice, and it has a goofy alcohol content of 66.6%. Still, it gotten good reviews though other than the color factor, (apparently its a atomic one) so I'm sure once I get over the initial bitter shock of it and the stupid name I'm sure I will happily pick up a bottle. If for nothing else than because it is still absinthe in it's own right. :)

Layton upset me a bit today. He went over to matt's house last night and the last time I heard from him was at 12:30 when he called to tell me that he would call after the last episode. Point of calling in the first place was what? Anyway, that was the last I heard from him and he doesn't remember it, until I called him at 6 in the evening. Didn't say much, he seemed very eager to hear from me and told me how he would be over after some crap on tv was over and how he and matt had spent the day making fun of shows. I was silent for the most part and after a bit told him I was going to go and then hung up. He came over about 10 minutes later at which I got upset at him for not bothering to call and let me know what was going on. He forced me to make the call and I don't like that one bit. If he is going to spend the entire night out drinking, and god knows he deserves it with all the work he's having to do, he could at least have the decency to call and let me know if and when I can expect him over the next day. He said he thought about it, but not very hard and was wondering when I was going to call. He also said that he knew I was going to be upset when I did. Duh.

Sundays are different days layton, and I would like it if you would at least come over before 3. And when you're not FUCKING CALL ME. That isn't asking too much is it?

Too keep myself off my left side and shoulder for the night, away from my tv and haunting ground, I picked up and finished american gods. EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I FINISHED A BOOK! *cough* Sorry. ^_^ It's just really hard to do that anymore and I'm always happy when I do. I suspect with my ds missing, I don't want to put out the energy to look for it, that I'll be doing that a lot this week. Know the damn thing is around here somewhere... just fucking saw it yesterday. God damn it all to shit.

Tomorrow I switch off the a&d and on to the regular lotion and then the wait begins. Oh... I hate waiting.

I may as well buy metalocalypse for myself. Don't think convincing layton to do so is going so well.

Snapple red tea sucks.

That is all.

Picture of the day: The middle of all that death