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Rain sounds good.

I've been listening to entirely too much lordi over the past, uh... 4 or 5 days. Especially 'would you love a monsterman' and 'deadite girls gone wild'. Like, as long as I have music going it's lordi. I've tried to take breaks... but it's not working. *cry* I guess that's just how fucked up my dreams can make me. :) I suppose if I could find more stuff like that I might be more inclined to listen to metal more. Could get off to that shit, swear to god. Should ask daryll or something. He's good with that shit. But in the meantime I have to hunt down some cheap mortiis.

My mom found out about my new tattoo this morning. She kinda figured it out on her own when I started asking about a&d ointment.
Me - "Do we have any a&d?"
Her - "You got a tattoo last night didn't you..."
Me - "Yes I did."
Her - "I guess it's a good thing you didn't tell me because I probably would have gotten on your case about it."
Me - "Yeah, that's why I didn't want to play 20 questions with you."

She assumed I was going out to a show last night since I asked her to take me up to gamestop up at southcenter, told her layton and I were picking up james and then going up to seattle. Knew what would happen if she knew the truth because I've been through it once before and was dead set against going there again. The first tattoo I almost ended up missing my appointment because she didn't want to participate or have anything to do with it. I had to convince her that I was going to get it whether she liked it or not and she wasn't helping because if it were any other day I would still be going down downtown. Anyway, she's been cool about it since then. It's already done so I might as well take care of it or something. Before work she took me to get some a&d since we didn't have any and after she took me to goodwill so I could get some sleeveless shirts. Hell, she even helped me look and brought me in a couple when I was in the dressing room. That was hella nice of her. :)

I love how fresh tattoo's look and feel. I wish they were like that forever. It's just too bad skin eventually kills the coloring. Have to remember not to sleep or lay on my left side or back. Don't think it will be TOO much of a problem. I had also forgotten how nice the feeling was getting stabbed with needles repeatedly. Thought it was going to hurt a lot worse than it did since it's on a more bony part of my body. Was so god damn freaked out that I was going to be late or miss my apointment and then lose the 50 dollar deposit I put down, but we did get there on time and it ended up being the artist who was late because he had done a piece earlier that went an hour longer than he expected. Got hella lucky. :x

I'll try and get a picture later or something. Having trouble with connecting my cameras and phone to the computer. None of them want to work for me, and I'll probably have to get layton to do it since it's on my back.

This week is so close to being over, and then it will hopefully be a fresh and clean start. No more weird plx.

Picture of the day: Mommy Fortuna