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Fuck-a-what? Quickie.

I got two packages today. Both of what I was expecting, unlike the one yesterday that was fucking huge and turned out to be a clock, confusing the hell out of me since I couldn't even remember where I had seen it before. Layton had bought me a damn clock. Fucker. ANYWAY, I got my cd's and hanuting ground.

I also have an appointment for tomorrow at 9 pm, up at slave to the needle in ballard, where I am going to get inked up by ron. I made the appointment in the middle of a panic attack, everything was hitting me so fast and I just want it to be done already, when all I wanted was to know how much it would cost. And I still don't know that much. So stupid you wouldn't even believe. Think layton wants to kill me now, and I wouldn't blame him. He's going to have to drive me and he's not getting off work until 8. I can't believe I did it myself. It was very foggy in my head at the time and it's really hard to do stuff and make sense when you're not able to get in contact with certian parties until insanely stupid times due to the fact that their work is killing them. Oh, and I'm ragging too. That also helps one lose their mind. Fucking panic shit social anxiety stupid fucking... WTF!? I hate you.

I am happy that this is all getting done now though. James was the one who got me through it. *thanks* If it weren't for him I probably would have ended up on a bus home again as soon as I hit seattle.

I'ma go play haunting ground now. Have to be at work tomorrow at 9 in the morning. And I need to check with charlene to see if I'll be working friday too. God damn it. *cry* So sorry layton.

Um, and if anyone else wants to volunteer to take me up there and back again... you know, I wouldn't say no. It would mean a lot to layton. And me.

Picture of the day: prisoner of my own