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Grandparents... they are now gone for the winter. Or they should be anyway, I haven't been over to check and I haven't seen mom and in turn didn't ask. Didn't end up leaving friday as was expected since grandma had stuff that still needed done. Grandpa was talking to me on friday when he was bringing me home from work and was telling me how if he had any choice he would rather stay here. Told me a story from when he was in the navy and living in texas. Apparently he was living in a condo with grandma and they had a super nosy neighbor. My grandparents bedroom was at one end of the house, where this neighbor's kitchen was supposed to be. Anyway, I guess this lady was so bad she moved her bedroom to the opposite end of the place, right next to theirs. Grandpa said he swore that lady probably had her ear to the wall 24/7. What point? Who knows. Some people are just idiots. And it was like the 30's or 40's.

And if grandma and grandpa are done and gone, I'll be able to ask mom if I can use their shower tomorrow sometime.

I've had a rather odd day. I feel very bad for james, having to deal with it. *sigh*

Brought in layton's ps2 so I could play rule of rose again. Spent money I don't have on friday to get haunting ground. The whole point that sold me on it was reading that there is no real combat in the game, just flight and hide. Uh, like clock tower III, which I have not played, but have interest in. I had already wanted to get it since it sounds so much like rule of rose, is rated so much higher and it comes as a recommendation if you're into it. I'm no good at combat oriented games, and wish rule of rose had been better in that way. Fucking sucks to be swinging at one of those stupid kids only to have it go right through them, damage none and then have them swing at you, miss by 50 feet, and then still take damage from it. Blasted game mechanics. My only grievance with the game.

Picture of the day: Persephone