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Uhm, it can start any day now... please...

"Layton": hi
schwarzkatze85: hi
schwarzkatze85: so what's wrong with it?
"Layton": they'
"Layton": they're gonna look at it tomorrow, pretty busy right now
"Layton": but I know my front steering's fucked
"Layton": my oil is leaking a fucking bunch
"Layton": it's so sad
"Layton": my poor poor car
schwarzkatze85: how are you going to get around?
"Layton": I know it's stupid to say I'm sad about seeing my car get lifted up on a tow truck, but what can I say...
schwarzkatze85: it's not stupid
schwarzkatze85: I told you that you liked your car better than you did me
schwarzkatze85: :P
"Layton": well it's back to what I did for six years using these 2 appendages they call legs, and hopping aboard those buses again
"Layton": :: P
schwarzkatze85: you should get a rental or something


"Layton": and I filtched 2 of my mom's pillies to calm myself the fuck down
schwarzkatze85: god damn it
"Layton": oh, nm, someone named lvngdeadgrl06 is selling that one
schwarzkatze85: I told you to save the ones I gave you
"Layton": I know
"Layton": but they put me right out last night :: )
schwarzkatze85: I don't give a shit
"Layton": went out on a comfy comfy cloud off to dreamy land
"Layton": dude
"Layton": this was totally the fault of the mcdonald's board too
"Layton": I had that in my pocked today
"Layton": it's extra weight caused my car to break! lol
schwarzkatze85: I could have given you something else to use for that
schwarzkatze85: what are you talking about mc... oh
schwarzkatze85: I love you
"Layton": I know
"Layton": I love you too
"Layton": best of all, I got out of moving fucking chairs!
"Layton": they already moved them too!
"Layton": hahahahahaha
schwarzkatze85: your mom is going to throw a shit fit when she finds out you stole her pills
"Layton": a small victory, but a victory none-the-less
schwarzkatze85: prolly kick you out of your house
"Layton": there's some motivation
"Layton": awww man, I have to live out of a broken car for a while
schwarzkatze85: I think you can stop spending all your money now since your car is broked
"Layton": sigh... probably
schwarzkatze85: so either your car waited until the perfect time to break, or your work gave you massive overtime just in time for your car to break
"Layton": yeah, mom was saying it was a really good thing that I wasn't on the road driving around, which is true
schwarzkatze85: yes, that was a good thing
schwarzkatze85: I hope your grandma feels like a bitch for trying to put you through so much more work
schwarzkatze85: oh, and we got hella weird milk jugs now
schwarzkatze85: remind me when you come over and I'll show them to you
"Layton": what do they look like?
schwarzkatze85: boxes
"Layton": you could take a picture of one and e-mail it to me
schwarzkatze85: nope
"Layton": k


schwarzkatze85: your mom is going to be nice and take you to work tomorrow right?
"Layton": yupo


"Layton": my grandma was flipping out about how I've worked 7 days this week
schwarzkatze85: your grandma is a fucking loony
"Layton": I told her how it wasn't my fault, but we have to since there's work to be done
schwarzkatze85: srsly
schwarzkatze85: my dad does it all the fucking time
schwarzkatze85: he's been doing it for years in fact
"Layton": and the only good think to come out of working 5 or 6 11-13 hour days will be the fundage
"Layton": yeah really
schwarzkatze85: if she doesn't like you doing it maybe she should do it herself
schwarzkatze85: but oh wait!
schwarzkatze85: she's old frail and stupid!
"Layton": yup
schwarzkatze85: what did she say about your car?
schwarzkatze85: did she get pissed that you didn't come over?
"Layton": no, and she didn't say anything much really
schwarzkatze85: well I'm glad she didn't give you any shit about that
"Layton": yeah
schwarzkatze85: stupid dumb people and their dumb oldness
"Layton": yup, oldness will make us all stupid eventually
schwarzkatze85: nah, not unless you go senile or are already dumb in the first place

Watched james' stuff earlier. He was right. That is some terrible dubbing. :x So I'm copying it subbed. Oh well, no love lost. He called me earlier today, but I had nothing really to say since I'm such a boring fucking person, and I feel kinda bad about it. Layton had come online at the exact same time and I can't talk and type at the same time, so I end up being a crappy conversationalist.

I'm so fucking bored that I've started poking around 4chan at random. Found out I am 'banned' from the anime/cute, technology, papercraft & origami, sexy beautiful women and yuri.
You are banned ;_;
You have been banned from 4chan.
There was no entry in our database for your ban. Therefore, the reason for this ban cannot be automatically determined. It is likely that your ISP is caching a ban intended for someone else. (If your ISP is BT Internet, it appears that they are categorically redirecting you to this page. For the time being we are unable to do anything about this. You may want to contact them for further questions.) Please contact a moderator on #4chan @ irc.rizon.net with your IP address ( for more details.
Stupid fucking isp, you piece of shit. *grumble* Just need to get off the damn internet already, not like I have shit to do on here. I know no one is going to be on and layton is done for the night.

Oh, but it did give me an idea. I want a broken wii-mote, (still physically intact all on the outside) so I can turn it into a vibrator and then see how much it would sell for. It would be hella funny.

And I'm hella fucking worried and trying not to freak out right now. Have no real reason to, but you know, me and panic attacks. We're like best-fucking-buds. *sigh* I'm so sick of having this almost week-long depression fit.

Picture of the day: Wash My Sins Away