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You've got to be fucking kidding me.

School Gunman Had Access Despite Threats
Wearing black clothing, black-painted fingernails and a T-shirt of Marilyn Manson - the shock rocker he said he chose to worship instead of God - Coon fired as students ran screaming or hid under tables or in closets.
Asa Coon, who is white, stood out in a school that is 85 percent black for wearing a black trench coat, black boots, a dog collar, chains and a glove.

Probably old news, but I'm taking bets on this one, how long until you think they start labeling him goth? Srsly. It's either goth or gamer, and this was a troubled white kid who listened to MM, dressed in black, had a trench coat... All that stereotypical stuff that goths are labeled as being/wearing. They don't say it directly in that article, thank god for that little bit, but it is still implied to a huge degree. And I'm sure they say it in other articles around the net, I just can't be bothered to look it up because I don't want to see it. I'm currently in denial (not just a river in egypt!) and am pretending that maybe people have grown brains and stopped with the labels. Fucking idiot kids. Why the hell can't there be a shooting that is done by a normal preppy jock or something for once? Oh wait, I know why. It's because that stuff is boring to report. They have to be fucked up in some huge way or no one is going to be interested, and goths are the biggest scariest thing out there. And then with gamers, you got to blame video game violence on something. *sigh* Goddamn assholes. Like gothy looking people don't get enough trouble thrown their way. Nope, so you just gotta make more. Someone's gotta invent a time machine for me so I can go back in time and shoot all these damn kids point blank in their stupid faces. Like I could really go for some bloody violence right now.

On a funnier note though, everyone knows ipods are bad for your health, but now they're trying to kill you. iPod Burns Through Man's Pants. Yeah apple we know you want everyone to upgrade to your latest ipod, but do you really have to use such tactics to get your point across? Replace his pants apple. He needs pants.

Work was ok today, only a couple hours while charlene got her eyes checked out, which was fucking great since I've gotten a total of 15 minutes of sleep, 20 at most, since layton woke me up at 2:30 yesterday. I didn't end up being able to find the melatonin pills so I got shit, and I don't know if mom is going to re-buy me more and what the hell she did with the last ones, also shit. Up all fucking night, playing puzzle quest until 3, put it down until 6, and then texted my mom to ask her to wake me up if I happened to fall alseep and then picked it back up again. I'm trying not to take any sort of nap or anything for the rest of the day, until 10 if I can make it but it's going to be hella hard with nothing to occupy my time. Filling myself up with caffeine stuff, also hella hard. Was going to make some black tea until my mom informed me that they have shut off power to our house. No microwave, no stove. So I'm just puttering around at this point. Ha, puttering. I'm so old now that I putter. I shouldn't even be online right now, and I won't be later tonight, except I stole one of the cords that have been dragged over from my grandparents house. Woo.

Oh yeah, I finished phantom hourglass while I was waiting for james to get home from work on tuesday. That was pretty neat. I can now list it. ^_^

I think I'm going to have to walk home from work tomorrow. Grandma and grandpa are leaving for arizona in the morning, and mom is going to the temple in the afternoon. I swear to god I'll die if this ends up being the case. There are NO fucking busses anywhere but a 10 minute stretch between my house and charlene's, and that tiny stretch doesn't eliminate any time off my walk. In fact it may just end up adding more to it. 5 miles. I shouldn't bitch too much but I don't walk anywhere anymore so I'm not used to this. Even as little as a mile can be pretty hard on me. Blech. I hope it's chicken-dinosaurs for lunch tomorrow. I love those.

I miss layton. *insert sad face*

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