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Zelda is love.

Well, food this week hasn't been half as bad as I originally suspected it was going to be. That's mostly thanks to layton though. This weekend, we were at matt's since friday, he got me a cheese, I asked for funny cheese when he went out to the store and he came back with smoked-somethings, cheddar probably, and a turkey pesto wrap. Both were very delicious, but the cheese ended up giving me cramps. Was kinda weird because normally dairy things only do that to me when I'm on my period. Makes me wonder if I'm allergic like my mom, but I think I would rather not know for sure.

Tonight I've spent most of my night looking up tattoo shit. Mostly trying to figure out where slave to the needle is located, because I've decided that I'm going there to get my next tattoo, whatever that may be, and maybe the rest if the commute doesn't end up being a total pain in the ass for me, busses and all. Anyway, I've been looking up the directions to there, and then I decided I was going to look up zelda tattoo's. Fucking zelda. :) It seems like the majority of gaming tattoo's are of that (and mario), but really, can you blame anyone? Those games are the shit. And I love the music too. Spent about an hour on the computer at matt's downloading all the zelda oc remixes. ^_^ Next time we're over there I'm probably going to end up taking my hard drive and downloading a bunch of final fantasy, and whatever else ends up catching my interest. *cough* Back on track here, I never decided if I wanted to get something simple or complex. Some days I would be happy with just a triforce on my ankle or the back of my wrist, and other days I want more than that. Like the triforce with wings or whatever on my lower back. That's really the only thing I could picture going there, that or the Twilight princess symbol thing, the one on the cover. Without the text, thx. But it's all already been done! No matter how simple or complex, it's all been done before. Now I'm thinking about going with something really weird. Like a poe or a keese. Or this, cuz that always makes me giggle but I really don't know where that would look good. Hmmm... I just don't know anymore. Choices, choices. Hella good thing I didn't have this done before because you should never be indecisive about what ink you want. Poe would probably be better.

And speaking of zelda, I can probably change the wallpaper on my phone now since phantom hourglass came out. Who knows if I will though. Layton got my headphones and stylus on friday. And roz told me about eryc's stupidity. He was so excited for phantom hourglass to come out, that was one of the reasons he got a ds in the first place, and then she told me he didn't because... he didn't think it would be left-handed compatible. Key words here being 'didn't think.' You fucking douchebag idiot. OF COURSE IT'S LEFT-HANDED COMPATIBLE! Nintendo would be fucking retarded to make it so it wasn't. Dumbest, most ignorant thing I have ever heard from a ds user. Even worse than the people who bitch about having to use the stylus in the first place. The stylus is awesome, shut up. So now I want to go smack him on the head like they do in those V-8 commercials when the person is being stupid.

Eryc treats roz like an asshole. He really doesn't deserve her. I hold no respect for the guy.

Unh. Tired. And tomorrow I have to compete with those power-tool wielding rats again for sleep. :'( So sad. Might be working later on in the week, wednesday on, but I'm not sure. Mom was going to call charlene since she's the driver and I'm a scaredy cat. She's also the one who asked, and I had no frigging clue. How fucking stupid. I can't even ask my employer when I'm working. Lame.

Picture of the day: have a car