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So, yesterday was james birthday, and on friday, layton and I took him out to the mercury. It wasn't even half as smokey, and was twice as crowded, as I'm used to it being. Didn't see robin there, which I think was a little surprising, and I saw a lot of andrew, which ended up being funny. Apparently he didn't remember what my name was either, so I can't feel like an idiot for being the only one. But andrew is a whole lot of stuff I won't get into. :) Anyway, around midnight I ended up leaving to run back to layton's car for a little bit so I could grab a bag I had for james. In my extreme focus on getting back all in one piece I got confused and almost lost, but eventually I was able to re-orient myself and figured out that I was going in the right direction. After I got back I gave james his book, it was all wrapped up, and he called me a fucking bitch when he opened it and saw what it was. ^_^ It was one of the nicest things I have ever heard.

Yesterday was a whole-lotta-nuthin-but-cleanin and got me very tired and stressed out by the end of the day. I'm still fairly stressed because my room looks like shit and the only way to get it clean would be to move everything out and then put back in what I want and toss or goodwill what I don't. But I can't so the piles just end up shifting from one spot to another. I have bags full of stuff that I want to get rid of, but if I put it outside my door or whatever dad will inevitably get pissed off. Layton, who can't sit still on weekends, ended up over at matt's house again for the night. I imagine he/we are going to be doing that a lot on saturday's since he's not going to the noc-noc at all for october.

Today was also nothing, but in a different way. I spent about half my time sleeping and the other half... well, I don't know what I was doing, but I know what I wasn't doing, and that was eating. I have eaten nothing today. Well, there was a couple bites of cupcake before layton and I left the house for a little bit, and a little bit of weird chips I snagged of the table, but other than that... Yeah. He took me to the spirit store and I got a pair of stupid boots. :) Demonia's Trashville-518's, that if I tried to get anywhere else would cost twice the price. Hope to be able to wear them a little, but I have to get something for the insides first. He was also going to take me to subway, but by the time he got done canceling phantom hourglass and switching over the 5 to another pre-order he has at gamestop it was two to six and we wouldn't have been able to make it unless it were right next door, which it isn't. A good veggie sub can last me two days. Later, earlier tonight after layton left, I found a packet of stuffing and thought I would make that. Three back and forth trips later I got pissed off and said fuckit. On the last trip I was unable to find any measuring cups, was in the garage freezing my ass off for 10 minutes before I found one 1/3 cup, and while walking back in the house I thought, 'if there are no pots I'm done with this. I'm not making another fucking trip out there in the freezing ass wet just to look for more shit I won't be able to find.' And of course, there is nothing. So I got pissed, threw the measuring cup on the table and stormed upstairs irritated. I don't know why it has to be so fucking hard to make one stupid simple god-fucking-damn tiny thing.

I'm really trying to be optimistic about this lack of food and eating thing, but it's really not much fun or funny. When I can't see anything or don't have easy access to it I can go for days without. I made a joke to james, who earlier offered me pizza if I wandered down there (I declined because he has to work tomorrow, and I don't care how late in the day it is, he still needs his sleep) about how at least I'll be losing weight. Won't know how much because the scale is missing, but it'll be poofing. Don't think he was too terribly amused by the idea. Thought about going and walking to the grocery store and picking up a bunch of pre-made nonperishables, but the rain has pretty much thrown that idea out the window. I am not going to take what would end up being a 2 hour long stroll both ways, shopping time included, with what would probably end up being heavy plastic bags if it's going to be in the f-ing rain. Thx, but no thx, I'll starve. Thx yoos vurry much.

I'm very impatiently awaiting tuesday so I can go out and get phantom hourglass. The whole reason I had layton cancel my gamestop pre-order, which I've had for over 6 months now, is because I found out circuit city is going to give away a little zelda kit thing. A pen stylus, green cleaning cloth and a pair of headphones. I like the headphones. Dey be cute.

So unless I'm at work or going out for the weekend, I really don't plan to eat. And with that being said, if I happen to expire and am dead or in the hospital that's why. Hopefully I can at least last until halloween... even if my only plan is to sit at home... in my room... doing... nothing... Oh god. *face-palms*

Have to pick up james' zipfizz's tomorrow or something. Sometime. Maybe I'll go talk to mom later.

Picture of the day: Hide-and-seek game : choice


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Oct. 1st, 2007 07:05 pm (UTC)
I was there. I met James, too.
Oct. 4th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, layton had told me you were there, but I was too intimidated by all the people to actually get up and hunt you down so I could say hi. Sorry.
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