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I'm in a fuck off and die kinda mood.

And it's not bad, I'm just very, VERY tired and have yet to pass out because I'm afraid I'll be unable to for a couple hours. Plus I have to find this-n-that-n-blahblahblah. I'm prolly going to drag my entire box of zip-fizzes with me. Layton doesn't have to work *yay* so I can go out.

I just wish someone had told me I had to work today. Oh well, at least I got a 5 minute notice. Sort of.

I got to see emma anne today, which was nice. She's so cute, and she's attached herself to me like glue. Every time I had to move away she would call me over and ask me to play with her or something. It was sweet. And I got to see carson, who was a pain, but not the royal pain that he is normally. Told him to be careful of my arm and showed him the cut. He asked what happened and I told him the doctor cut me open. He was greatly amused.

Fuck this, I'ma go lay down.

Picture of the day: McMorbid - Poor Link...again