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Uh, anyone want a bunny? I don't know if it will survive the night since I don't know what all it has in the way of injuries... but if it does it's chances for life will double. Cat caught it and dog was carrying it around in his mouth later. Like he did to my rabbit I assume. A huge patch of his fur was torn off his side and bum. There is only a very thin layer of skin covering it and I would love to put antiseptic on it, but that would poison him if he were to clean himself. Anyway, bunny needs a home if he survives. I wish he would sleep a little. I can understand being apprehensive in this strange and foreign environment, but baby needs sleep. Trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

Mom's birthday today. I didn't get that pocket shrine thing done that I wanted to, but it's ok I guess. I gave her a squish-skull instead. One of those squishy balls inside a bag with holes, and you squish it through the holes... and it's inside half a skull. Yeah. Terrible description. I still plan on making the shrine and stuff, it's just gone on hold for a bit. At least until I get this damn bandage off my arm and am able to easily wash my hands again. Spray paint doesn't work otherwise.

Layton got me some fingerless gloves yesterday from the spirit halloween store. They have glow-bones on the backs. Neat. I got myself a dumb pen that looks like a syringe with fake blood in it. It also says 'say no to drugs' on it, which I don't so much care for, but it's a funny pen and I like it.

Goth clubs should serve coffee. Ice cold coffee. With nails and broken glass. And they could call them depressos. :)

Picture of the day: RUN