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So, in all the fuss, my arm, feeling bad and finally admitting I'm temporarily crippled, being high, and james' birthday, I managed to forget about my mom. It took this to make me remember. And I can tell you exactly how the thought process went too, but it's kinda boring and makes me sound stupid. ANYWAY, I saw that post while I was looking at all the neat pocket shrines and thinking about making one of my own, and I realized my mom's birthday is on sunday. Oh snap. So if I can get a tin, I guess I'll be making something like that for her. Yeah.

There's a big thing wrong with that one. The quote is incomplete and that person managed to get the quoter wrong, but far be it for I to correct it. It's a little late anyway, and I don't care. Much. It's the thought that counts.

Layton got me out of my house today. Beyond my mailbox. HOLY CRAP! He took me out to see Dragon Wars and I had little giggle fits throught. It's so bad it's funny. Don't go see it unless you have younger kids. It is so fucking... odd to say the least. There was no blood AT ALL, it was a korean folk tale with korean dragons and (wtf?) american actors, lots of big booms, even more blatent ads (that make me wonder if that's where they got all their production money from and makes me wonder more to where it all went) most of the people were completely incompitent and at one point they had a 19 year old girl in a bar and she was handed a beer, it's like the director forgot that the girl was supposed to be underage, but she didn't end up drinking it... and that's the only reason I could see the movie as being rated pg-13. Anyway, it was nice and cheesy and I laughed. That movie has to have some really bad reviews. ^_^ OH! Or if you see it make sure you have a bottle handy. It'll make it that much better.

I was able to finally admit my cripple-ness to myself on sunday after I got out of the shower and got mad at layton. He didn't end up helping me out like he said he would so I mostly ended up flopping around like a fish in shallow water. It was horrible feeling and I'm going to have to do it a couple more times before my time is up, as much as I dread it. I think next time (tomorrow I'm sure) I'll take one or two of my vicodins and try to drown.

Picture of the day: SCENE AND NOT HERD.